Recommended Products

Recommended starter products for your home gym, in order of importance:

Keto // OS – use only if you’re ready to lose weight quickly, you want to feel better than you do now, and if you want to find more pep in your step with more clarity of mind. You’ll also want to download this program sheet: What to Expect from Taking KETO//OS

Resistance Bands – easier to store than dumbbells and barbells

Exercise Mat – for comfort’s sake!

Ab Wheel – not just for ab work

Jump Rope – easy cardio that adds a plyometric lean

Foam Roller (36″) – like having your own massage therapist at your beck and call, this tool helps to relieve muscle aches and release the lactic acid that causes pain after a workout

Chin-up Bar – great for working your back and arms, but also a useful tool for dips (triceps) and pushups (chest)

Aerobic Steps – so many uses…

Additional Risers for Aerobic Steps – for more advanced work with your steps

Therapy Bands – excellent for abduction work

Pilates Toning Ring – adds an extra element of resistance for the legs and arms

Stretch Band – helps with stretching, especially useful if your flexibility is limited

Kettle Bells – incorporates strength training, flexibility and cardiovascular work

Resistance Bands with Chin-up Bar – save money by purchasing together rather than separately as above

These are the typical items I would recommend if you have no or little knowledge of home fitness equipment. Now if you already have equipment, e.g., weight bench, treadmill, free weights, you may not need the above options. This list is comprised of the items one might use to start a home gym with space efficiency and mobility (you can easily take your resistance bands on vacation or a business trip) in mind. If you have concerns or questions about more advanced equipment, please contact me at your leisure.